Panoramica Video Settimanale (video)

Le fluttuazioni dei tassi di cambio la e dinamica dei prezzi di altri beni dipendono essenzialmente dalla vita economica e politica dei paesi, industrie e società multinazionali. Le notizie politiche, economiche e finanziarie in maniera diretta o indiretta influenzano la dinamica dei prezzi. Pertanto, è importante seguire regolarmente le notizie internazionali, le pubblicazioni di dati macrostatistici nel trading Forex e CFD.
Ogni settimana hai l'opportunità di vedere la panoramica del mercato sui principali eventi mondiali con le stime della loro influenza sui mercati finanziari.

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Higher market volatility marked trading last week also as US-China trade war fears eased while geopolitical tensions rose after an alleged chemical attack in Syria. The SP 500 rebounded 2%recovering from last week’s 1.4% loss while the ICE dollar index lost 0.4% for the week.

The SP 500 advanced every session last week except Wednesday and Friday. It added 0.3% Monday as Trump tweet he expected “China will take down its Trade Barriers because it is the right thing to do.” US stocks rallied...


Investors rode the global investing roller coaster last week as US and China stated their intentions to defend domestic markets with reciprocal tariffs. The SP 500 fell 1.4% giving back most of paring last week’s 2.1% gain while the ICE dollar index rose 0.1% for the week.

The SP 500 plunged 2.2% Monday after China announced penalties up to 25% on...


Trading was volatile in the holiday shortened last week with broad stock market following the technology sector’s lead. The SP 500 recovered 2.1% paring last week’s 6% drop and the ICE dollar index rose 0.5% for the week. However both the SP 500 and dollar index closed down for the month of March.

The ICE US dollar index ended lower Monday and Friday...


US stock market pullback accelerated last week as Federal Reserve raised interest rates but indicated just two more hikes in 2018. The SP 500 slumped 6% and the ICE dollar index lost 0.7% for the week.

The ICE US dollar index ended lower in every session except Tuesday and Thursday last week. It slid 0.2% Monday, but rebounded 0.6% Tuesday as the Federal...


US equities pulled back last week as trade war concerns intensified after President Trump indicated he considers imposing import tariffs on Chinese goods to trim US trade deficit with the Asian country. The SP 500 lost 1.2% while the ICE dollar index edged up 0.05% for the week.

The SP 500 ended lower every session except Friday last week. It slipped...